Resources on Emotional Intelligence


Conversational Intelligence, by Judith E. Glaser


Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, by Daniel Goleman


Emotional Intelligence 2.0, by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves


The EQ Edge:  Emotional Intelligence and Your Success, by Steven J. Stein, and Howard E. Book 


Thai insurance video of the unsung hero

The Simple Truths of Service - Johnny the Bagger

Empathy video by Brené Brown

National Anthem Singer forgot her words at NBA Playoff

Website Resources for Educators


This excellent free educator toolbox offers a host of powerful tips and strategies in easy to use e-learning units.  A free account is required to access the material which is organized into 3 main modules: 

 Module 1:  EQ for yourself as an educator

 Module 2:  EQ to strengthen relationships

 Module 3:  EQ strategies for the classroom



The HeartMath Institute has many free tools that can be used by children and adults to improve their well-being, as well as resources for purchase by educators, parents, and individuals, including the following:


Helping Children Manage Stress Webinar


Managing Emotional Mayhem Webinar (requires free subscriber account)


Zones of Regulation Webinar for teaching students to self-regulate their emotions (requires free subscriber account)


Shift and Shine Technique™ for Ages 3-6


HeartShift Tool® for Ages 7-11


HeartMath TestEdge for grades 3-5


HeartMath TestEdge for grades 6-8  



Ontario Ministry of Education-Supporting Positive Mental Health and Well-being in School Communities (research paper only available to educators, not the general public)

This paper offers practical methods educators can use to promote mental health by:

  • supporting students in identifying and empathizing with diverse feelings and emotions

  • supporting students with self-regulation

  • identifying and enhancing students’ strengths rather than focusing on their needs

  • recognizing that when students are withdrawn or acting out, they are doing the best they can with the skills they have

  • providing opportunities throughout the day for students to be engaged in meaningful physical activity



Six Seconds Education Resources

Founded in 1997, Six Seconds is the largest organization dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence.  They have a wide range of curriculum for educators, parents, business and individuals.


Centre for Academic and Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)

CASEL provides educator friendly materials and readings for promoting the social and emotional development of their students.   They published a review of 85 SEL programs in their 2013 guide entitled “Safe and Sound Guide: An Educational Leaders Guide for Evidence-Based Practice.”  Descriptions of each program along with contact information for obtaining the program can be found in the appendix.


University of British Columbia Social and Emotional Learning Resource Finder


Thoughtful Learning


Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence RULER Program for schools