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Corporate Consulting


Having a clear vision and executing effectively on it can make the difference between success or failure.


In our corporate consulting, we work closely with organizations to help them assess the current state of their business, products and  competitors, and identify areas where business functionality can be improved and/or corporate strategy refined. 

Our approach for refining corporate strategy is an interactive one.  We create a forum with stakeholders, and facilitate a process to define corporate objectives, take stock of skills and technological advantages, develop a corporate wide strategy and create a tactical plan for achieving that strategy.  Often this strategy is what sets the business apart from its competitors and enables it to thrive.


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Coaching & Mentorship

Being responsible for leading a team, setting product strategy or managing your own success path can all be challenging, especially if you have no supports or sounding board available. 

With our coaching and mentorship programs, we help you see strategically beyond the immediate horizon to set clear goals and create a plan to achieve them. We work with you to uncover and shift internal obstacles that may be inhibiting your ability to follow the plan successfully.  


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Emotional Intelligence Skills Development


What separates great performers from average ones is largely a function of EQ skills.  Through the use of the industry leading EQ-i 2.0 assessment tool, we can help you rapidly identify which areas need improvement and which ones are already strong. We then work with you one-on-one in developing an action plan to strengthen those areas by building on your existing skills. These sessions are focused & transformative in addressing the areas you need to unlock your full Emotional Intelligence.


We also offer EQ training for groups.  EQ training is an excellent way to support organizational and individual success, and to deepen team functionality.   Our interactive courses provide an in-depth understanding of the skills involved in Emotional Intelligence and powerful techniques for building competencies in each of these areas.  

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