Upper Canada District School Board

Dave and I had the immense pleasure of offering an Emotional Intelligence training course to teachers at the Montague Public School as part of their Professional Development Day. Teachers have the double duty of not only developing their EQ skills, but also helping children learn social and emotional skills as well, all the while delivering curriculum throughout the day!

With this in mind, we kicked off the training course with a guided meditation to help the teachers get into a relaxed and positive state. Just a few minutes had everyone breathing a little more deeply and ready to engage.

We had a very fulfilling afternoon sharing techniques teachers can use to strengthen their emotional self awareness and self-management, and to deepen their relationship skills, both with one another and with children. We know sharing this information can make such a difference - studies have shown that teachers who cultivate their own social emotional competencies are less likely to experience burnout. And in schools that implement social emotional learning programs for students, up to 50% of children showed improved achievement scores, while incidents of misbehaviour dropped an average of 28%.

Thanks to Montague Public School for inviting us to share our EQ training - it was a special time all around!

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